This module will not be offered in 2018-19.


The study and analysis of a number of state-of-the-art and emerging issues and systems in CCS. At least one from each of the following themes will be covered, with possible examples listed (the exact topic will vary year on year):

  • Modern system architectures, e.g. software-defined networking, information-centric networking, Internet of Things (IoT), sensor networks, the 3D Web;

  • Modern communications protocols, e.g. identifier-locator protocols, data-centre networking, OpenFlow, WebRTC, TCP enhancements, QUIC;

  • Modern applications, e.g. online social networks, participatory sensing, smart cities, cyber-physical systems, digital heritage, blockchain;

  • Modern mobile and wireless networks, e.g. 5G systems, ubiquitous computing, vehicular networks, disruption- and delay-tolerant networks, mobile ad hoc networking, immersive environments;

  • Security and privacy engineering: embedding security and privacy into modern architectures, protocols, applications and networks.

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Last Published: 19 Jan 2022.