This module is NOT offered in 2020-21.


The aims of this module are:

  • To introduce the environmental factors related to the use and IT services and systems.
  • To allow understanding of the trade-offs that must be made with use of IT services and systems today to make them environmentally friendly(ier).

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student should:

  • Understand:
    • the factors in the environmental impact of IT.
    • possible uses of IT to help environment.
    • political, social, legal factors in IT usage and the environment.
  • Be able to make assessments of:
    • environmental impact of IT within a system scenario.
    • tensions between usage and impact of IT.
    • qualitative and quantitative impact of IT on the environment.


  • Hardware energy usage:
    • individual systems: servers.
    • individual system components.
    • individual systems: client systems (for users).
  • IT service provision:
    • datacentres (use of virtualisation).
    • cloud and mobile.
    • cost/performance trade-offs.
  • Users:
    • the role of users in energy usage reduction.
    • use of feedback to users (e.g. energy meters).
  • Green IT metrics:
    • datacentre metrics.
    • metrics for individual systems.
  • IT systems:
    • life cycle.
    • manufacture and disposal.
  • Non-technical considerations:
    • social issues.
    • national/international policy.
    • legal perspectives.

Compulsory Elements

This module has no compulsory elements beyond those common to all modules (mark of 4 in each assessment component).

Module Delivery

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Last Published: 19 Jan 2022.