External Skills Support

The CAPOD unit offers various types of skills and development support, including study skills and maths/stats.

Recording Devices in Lectures

If you have a disability or some medical condition which means that you are unable to take notes in lectures, you may seek permission from Student Services to use a voice recorder or other computer-based device to record lectures and/or tutorials. If you are not authorised by Student Services to record lectures then you must request permission from the relevant academic member of staff prior to the lecture taking place. See further details.

Academic Flexibility for Students with Recognised Sporting Talent

There is a policy which allows allow eligible students (with the permission of the School and Sports Performance Manager) to have time off from their studies in order to participate in key sporting tournaments and competitions. See further details.

Deans’ List

This is an annual award for academic excellence, promoted by the Deans of the University. See further details.

Student Fees

Graduating in person or in absentia marks the end of your degree or diploma course of studies at the University of St Andrews. If you have been accepted onto a new degree or diploma programme at the University, the new programme is separate and distinct from the course of studies from which you are about to graduate, and you will be liable for all fees associated with that new programme.

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Last Published: 02 Jul 2018.