Support, Advice and Documentation

To ask for advice, report a problem or enquire about possible changes or additions to school systems, email Don’t assume that problems have already been reported.

The School’s main systems are documented on a local Wiki. You may find the following articles helpful:

See also: slides from Orientation Week Systems Briefing.

Online Resources

The School’s resources server, often referred to as ‘studres’, provides module-specific materials such as lecture slides, tutorial questions and coursework specifications. It can be accessed via the web and a file system mounted on lab machines.

The resource library directory contains other generally useful resources, including:

Exam Paper Archive

Past exam papers are available in MySaint. Solutions and marking schemes for past exam papers are not provided.

File Storage and Backup

Files stored in CS network home directories are automatically backed up. Network home directory snapshots record some old versions of files. Software version control is also available, and students are very strongly advised to become proficient in using it for all software development, even where its use is not compulsory.


Printing is provided via the University’s print service.

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Last Published: 02 Apr 2024.