Induction will take place at the first session.


Evening sessions combine lectures, seminars, class tests and practical exercises. The module may contain examinable material for which these sessions are the sole source. Demonstrators may be on hand for support during the practical sessions.


Laboratory 110 and other rooms in the John Honey Building are used for Evening Degree modules.

Each individual piece of coursework has its own deadline defined in MMS. After this deadline, lateness penalties apply, and work may not receive formative feedback.

See also target feedback timescales.

Time Management

An evening session occupies 3 hours including a short coffee break. An extra 8-12 hours per week is to be spent reading lecture notes, background reading and preparing for the assignments or class tests.

External Examiner

The School’s External Examiner for the Evening Degree is Professor George Coghill of Aberdeen University.

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Last Published: 18 May 2020.