Leave of Absence

You may apply to the Registry Officer (Student Support) for a Leave of Absence in any semester where exceptional circumstances have affected, are currently affecting, or will affect your ability to engage with your studies.

See the University’s Policy on Leave of Absence.

Withdrawal from Studies

If you are considering withdrawing from your studies at the University you should discuss the matter with Student Services in the first instance. You should arrange to do this as early as possible as there are often alternative options open to you that would not require the final step of permanent withdrawal from the University. If you do decide you wish to withdraw from your studies you must contact your Registry Support Officer (reg-support@st-andrews.ac.uk) who will be able to offer guidance on your options and who will ensure that the process is completed correctly. You should be aware that there are fee implications, as well as implications to your leave to remain in the UK if you are an overseas student, when you withdraw from your studies part of the way through an academic year. You should therefore ensure you contact the Money Adviser and the International Adviser in Student Services to obtain early advice on the final implications of your decision before you complete your withdrawal. Further information

Termination of Studies

If your academic performance is unsatisfactory, i.e. you have gained insufficient credits within a semester or to progress to the next stage of your degree programme or breached conditions of your probation, your studies may be terminated.  You will then be notified by the relevant Pro Dean (Advising) or Dean of Faculty that your studies are terminated and you will have five working days to appeal this decision using the appropriate form. This should be supported by documentary evidence specifying the reasons for your unsatisfactory performance.

If you do not submit an appeal, you will have your studies automatically terminated in accordance with Senate Regulations. Your full student record is taken into account in any review, including any instances of non-academic misconduct, during the Termination of Studies Cross-Faculty Board; however, in first instance, only your credits attained in a relevant number of semesters are taken into account. For more information, please see the information on Termination of Studies and Early Academic Intervention and the Undergraduate Regulations (termination is covered in items 44 and 45) or the Postgraduate Regulations (termination is covered in B.VI for PGT MSc students).

If the appeal is successful, the Dean will contact you with conditions for your return to studies. If you do not meet these conditions your studies may be terminated again.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you may have a further right of appeal to the Senate of the University. Appeals to Senate are admissible only on limited grounds and the process cannot be used to challenge matters of academic judgment. To make a Senate submission, you must complete and submit to the Senate Office a Stage 2 appeal form within 10 working days of the date stated on your termination letter. Late submissions may not be considered further by the University. For further information, see the University’s Policy on Student Academic Appeals.

International students here at St Andrews on a Tier 4 visa should be aware that any terminations will be reported to the UKVI and their visa curtailed.

Contact: Student Services, The ASC, 79 North Street, KY16 9AL, 01334 462020, 
Email: theasc@st-andrews.ac.uk

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Last Published: 08 Jul 2019.