The School buildings, Jack Cole and John Honey, are accessible at any time using a student or staff ID card.

Outwith normal working hours, students must not open the door to anyone else. No guests are allowed. Entry and exit to buildings is monitored via the card system and by video recording.

Problems with Lift/Elevator

If you get stuck in the lift and cannot get out, press and hold the alarm button for 8 seconds. The alarm is linked to a telephone system. When the call is answered, explain that you are trapped in the lift in the Jack Cole Building. The lift engineers Thyssenn will then be called, and an engineer should arrive within the hour.

If you are in the building and hear the lift alarm, do not attempt to open the doors. Reassure the people trapped in the lift that someone will arrive to free them soon, and inform the school administrator. If you cannot find the school administrator, inform the Health and Safety officer, and finally the Head of School as a last resort.

If nobody answers the alarm, dial 01334 476161, or 0 on an internal line.

Student Responsibilities

The privilege of 24 hour unsupervised access to buildings carries with it a responsibility for sensible conduct. Keep laboratories tidy; the cleaning staff do an excellent job but it is not their role to tidy up after people. Make sure that mugs etc are returned to the kitchen and put in the dishwasher.

The kitchen area in Jack Cole is open to students, providing that they co-operate in keeping the area clean and tidy, and pay the advertised prices for tea and coffee. In the past it has occasionally been necessary to withdraw student access due to a lack of such co-operation.

The consumption of alcohol within School buildings is not permitted except at events organised or permitted by the School.

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Last Published: 14 Jun 2024.