Academic Alerts are a way of helping students who are having trouble coping with their studies; such as missing deadlines for handing in work, or missing compulsory tutorials. The aim of the Alert system is to help students by flagging up problems before they seriously affect students’ grades. Academic Alerts will be issued by email from the Director of Teaching, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Module Coordinator or School administrator and will tell students what is wrong and what they are required to do (e.g. attend classes in future). The Alerts will also tell students what support the University can offer. If students do not take the action required they may receive another Alert, and in some cases may eventually get a grade of zero and fail that module if they do not complete enough of the module’s compulsory elements to be awarded credit. The system is designed to help and support students in order to remedy any problems or issues before these lead to failing a module. Alerts will never appear on a student’s permanent transcript. For more information, see academic alerts policy and guidance for students.

Attendance Monitoring

Starting in 2018-19, monitoring of attendance at academic activities has been implemented more uniformly across Schools. The details will vary as appropriate to individual subjects, with a minimum of four attendance checks per semester for each student. Failure to attend a compulsory module element or one of the activities listed below will result in issue of an Academic Alert ABSENCE (which covered both online and physical absence). See also Compulsory Elements.

Monitoring in the School of Computer Science for 2020-21 will take place as follows:

Level 1 modules – every week

  • CS1002 and CS1005 tutorials (semester 1)
  • CS1003 and CS1006 tutorials (semester 2)

Level 2 modules – every week

  • CS2001 and CS2003 tutorials (semester 1)
  • CS2002 and CS2006 tutorials (semester 2)

Level 3 modules

  • CS3099 supervisor meetings every week

Level 4 modules

  • CS4099, CS4098 and CS4796 supervisor meetings every week

Level 5 modules

  • CS5199 and CS5899 supervisor meetings every week
  • One year MSc students: dissertation briefings during PELA slots (TBC - careers talk & project briefing in semester 1 and ethics briefing, literature survey briefing in semester 2)
  • PGT dissertation supervision meetings (summer)

More uniform monitoring will help Student Services intervene to offer support where students show patterns of low engagement, and help the University to fulfil its legal obligation to monitor academic engagement by students studying on Tier 4 visas.

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Last Published: 20 Jul 2021.