A number of labs are available, none of which are designated for any particular class or year-group:

As far as possible, scheduled, booked activities are confined to the John Honey Teaching Lab; normally the Jack Cole Lab and Quiet Lab are free for student use. In some cases, though, it may be necessary to hold scheduled teaching events in these labs.

When scheduled teaching is taking place in a lab, students not involved in the class are expected to show courtesy and consideration by working silently and avoiding causing any distractions.

Demonstrator Support

Demonstrator support for sub-Honours modules is provided on certain weekday afternoons: see details.

Priorities and Behaviour

The principal uses of the labs are practical work and lectures. Labs may also be used for other purposes, with priority given as follows, in descending order:

  • students attending scheduled lectures or exercise classes
  • students working on School of Computer Science modules
  • staff or other students doing other academic work
  • non-academic activities

At all times, a relaxed and informal atmosphere is encouraged, so long as it remains conducive to work. Music should not be played in the labs (headphones are fine), and loud conversations should be taken elsewhere to avoid disturbing those working. The Quiet Lab should be used in the same way as the library study areas, i.e. making no significant noise.

Students are encouraged to make use of lab facilities and other School services for personal computing-related projects, but priority is always given to those engaged in academic work.

Conditions of Use

Students are bound by the Policies and Conditions of Use of University ICT facilities. It is the responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with these conditions of use.

The software available on lab computer systems is copyrighted, and is available to students for their own use only, on the machines allocated for their work. Except where explicitly permitted, students are forbidden to:

  • make copies of any software or documentation provided for use in laboratories
  • download copyrighted materials such as, but not limited to, images, music, films and books

Room Availability

If you are searching for room availability (e.g. for running a meeting or experiment) you can access the Web Timetables (including rooms such 0.30, 1.33a etc.) at http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/webtt/

Do I need my own personal computer

We do not require that a student has their own computer and the School puts significant effort into providing all of the computer resources that any student will need during their degree. Our labs are accessible 24/7. That being said, there is obvious convenience in having a computer of your own but there is no minimum specification that we recommend. Our students use a wide spectrum of personal laptops from ChromeBooks, Tablets or Windows netbooks (supporting web browsing, communications, writing reports and accessing the School’s compute services) through mid-range laptops that support software development to high-end devices that provide significant compute resources and an ability to run multiple VMs or modern, graphically-demanding games. The best fit depends completely on budget, the activities that the laptop needs to support and on the operating system required (generally MacOS, Windows or Linux).

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Last Published: 08 Jul 2019.