This module is offered in 2020-21.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student should:

  • Understand the concepts of business objects and components.
  • Understand the principles of and differences between object-oriented and message-oriented middleware.
  • Know how to use components to build distributed applications within a framework such as CORBA or DCOM.
  • Have competence in applying component technologies to business application development.


  • Principles of large-scale design.
  • Communications paradigms:
    • Remote procedures.
    • Messages and events.
  • XML-RPC: the simplest middleware.
  • Message-oriented middleware:
    • Scalability and architecture.
    • Intelligent routing.
  • CORBA: a realistic middleware.
  • Services: naming, trading, events.
  • Service-oriented architecture.
  • SOAP: current-generation middleware.
  • Advanced techniques: architectures, dynamism and orchestration.

Compulsory Elements

This module has no compulsory elements beyond those common to all modules (mark of 4 in each assessment component).

Module Delivery

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Last Published: 19 Oct 2020.