This module is offered in 2021-22.


This module is available only to students on the EngD programme. It provides an opportunity for in-depth individual study, directed by an individual supervisor, of topics directly relevant to the student’s intended EngD research project.

This module is designed to enhance the range of training provided for EngD students during the initial taught component of the programme. In addition to the broad range of modules available from the existing MSc portfolio, this optional module will allow students to focus in depth on a particular topic or topics aligned with their planned research work. At the discretion of the programme coordinator and a selected individual supervisor, the module might involve study of advanced theoretical concepts, design and setting up of experiments, analysis of measurements, etc.

Entry to the module will be limited to EngD students, and will require consent of the programme coordinator, who will verify that the proposed topic of study is appropriate for the student’s training needs. A programme of individually supervised study and assessment will be agreed collaboratively by the student, supervisor, industrial sponsor and programme coordinator at the start of the semester.

The module enhances the ability of students to tailor their training component to fit the particular needs of their chosen area of research, and the specific environment of the industrial sponsor.

Module Delivery

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Last Published: 19 Jan 2022.